Saturday, January 22, 2011 , 11:43 PM


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Sunday, January 2, 2011 , 2:07 AM

 It's a brand new year! Back from our Japan trip :D
There's tokyo tower!

So we went to Hokkaido first, and i must say, I don't mind living in Hokkaido.
They have huge patches of nothingness, just snow and more snow.
And not forgetting, countless number of hotsprings. 
Had many firsts in Hokkaido, Like going for hotsprings and swimming overseas :D
The indoor pool was really fun! And warm. Hahahaha.
3.5 degrees celsius at Otaru? 

 Hokkaido's cakes are really tasty. Best cake ever :9 No regrets.

 I miss the ski resort ): It's the place where i had the most fun at!
Snow tubing + skiing (oh yeah, first time skiing too) + thick snow + snow ball fights + snow angels + snow unicorn (only because we failed at making a snow man) + great food + great room.

 Hello, cute ninja boy :D

Tokyo disneyland was our first stop in Tokyo :D
On the mini coaster! Can you spot weiyi? Hahahahhaa.

 Met maiko :D Took lots of purikura and instants :D Happy day.
Finally got to buy stuff at Shibuya 109 :D

 Celebrated my mum's birthday at night back at the hotel :D
Had another cake :D I chose it heehee :D Yummy.
My mum got tired after taking pictures w my bro so that's why she was tired to smile properly hahahahha.

I had the most fun taking pictures at Asakusa this time :D
Many pretty flowers around and the sky was a pretty blue that day :D

 Had a mega large melon pan too! :D Melon bread i mean hahaha.
It was hot and tasted great. Fluffy!

 Tbs was great cause I got to see many Tumbling goods and took ooku purikura :D
Heehee, 500 yen, but yeah once in a lifetime experience. 

Many cute kidz there too, weather forcast wannabes. 
あめだ!(repeats 35610568 more)
 And there's my instax mini 25! :D
Heehee, happiest buy for this trip.
It's a xmas present from my mum and i really didn't think she would buy it for me.
But now, i keep feeling insecure cause I keep thinking my flim's gna be used up quickly, 
so need more flim. Buy me more flimmm. Hahahaha.
So erm, if you're thinking of giving me birthday presents/xmas presents/new year's present/ welcome back to reality presents/ good luck for A's presents, think no further!
Just buy me flim, thanks :D

Oh and yes, I need to make new year's resolutions.
1) Stop whining/ complaining so much. Just do what I have to do.
2) Put in more effort and give my best shot at everything.
3) Appreciate the people around me more.
4) Freaking do well in A's,
5) Finish writing the 5 year time capsule letter. (Or rather, start on it :B)

Okay, yes, i don't rmb my 2010 resolutions, probably should go look at it.
 /Just did.
It's going to be a new year. (:
Just feels great to be over and done w 2009.
Overcoming challenges like O levels and gym nationals.
Strengthening friendships (:
Somehow, I feel like I hadn't done much as gym captain /:
Looking at what Jodie and Jayna has done,
Smss rgym is in good hands yeah?

So, in the new year, I hope to become a better person!
So vague -.-
Er Okay to have more patience, and not get annoyed easily.
To be hardworking and do my best in everything.
It's gna be difficult /:

Thanks for a great year :D
Hahahaha so, here's to a great 2011!

Saturday, December 18, 2010 , 12:04 AM

Today, after going to school to collect the jacket from Van's locker for my bro, I headed to town, finding myself being early for 45 min? Hahahaha that's a first. 

Wanted to eat at Eatalian Gourmet Garage but they only had sandwhiches today ):
No pizza nor pasta, so after fleeing, we walked around 313 and finally found Handburger :D
The food was not bad, but I suck at eating burgers w a knife and fork.
And they were having lunch special, so the meal was $8.80++!
So from this, it became, 
Like thissss. What a mess hahahaha.
I don't know why, but was in a really stone mood today. Jesslynn and mel also right! Hahaaha then i got brain freeze from ice creeeeam D:
Roamed around taka, then met Aijia at ion.
Mujiiii :D I wna leave in muji heh. 
Er can rmb what happened after that so yeah tuition and now woooo, tired.
And it worked! I fell asleep immediately ytd! :D
So must make myself ssssuuuuper tired then i can sleep well. Hur.
Hope I'll sleep well tonight, freaking excited for tmr :D

Japan, here we comeeee!

Friday, December 17, 2010 , 12:02 AM

 Why haven't I been updating this week? 
Well that's because I've gotten busy and my internet has been laggy since monday.
So what's new this week?

First off, I haven't been sleeping well lately.
I find it really hard to sleep at night. So I tried to make myself mad tired by doing more stuff in the day, in hopes of having a good night's sleep by night.
However, it's not workingggg. 
Had barely 3 hours of sleep ytd, after trying to sleep at 10. Woke up at 1, and never was able to sleep later.
I'm reeeally tired now, And I'm hoping I will finally sleep well tonight. 
Anyone knows any cures for this?

On wed, I decided to follow my mum to work! (Part of the plan to tire myself out)
Made us felt nostalgic, because when I was young, I used to follow my mum to work.
Since kids weren't exactly allowed at work, I waited for my mum at the carrefour near suntec?
I wonder how I managed to spend days there O:
I sort of rmb running around carrefour everyday, playing w the electric organs, touching bikes, looking at barbie, but everyday?
I was a brave girl :D
Then I would wait for my mum to go for lunch tgt, then going back into carrefour to play again while she heads back to work.

Anyway, so for breakfast on wed, We ate Ya Kun! :D I love breaking the egg yolks then dipping the bread in the eggs :D

 Then I thought of Minyi, because she said she goes all over the island looking for the best ya kun place. Hahahaha :D

Went to the office, which really looked like a house lol. 
It's new so my mum was the only secretary there. I had fun slacking and lazing around actually.
But i guess, I will fail horribly if I were to be an OL (Office Lady)
Hahahaha, but my mum had to run many errands so I followed her around and I got exercise! Mwahahaha. Then went to the Police station to change our address on our ic.
The police dude was really funny, I saw him trying to hide the piece of paper where he drew Pizza and buns on. Hahahaha he was really hungry -__-

So, then my mum wanted to try Koi! So we bought a cup.
Koi is starting to taste sickening. I don't think I'm gna buy another cup of Koi ever again.
And yes, it's so not worth queueing for. But the toa payoh branch has NO queue. AT ALL.
Followed my mum to work again today :)
Rewatched quiz show ytd, watched family guy today :D
And it's been awhile since i needed to Clear history -.-

Oh yeah, and I dyed my hair!
Hahahaha was just looking at an old photo of nino where his hair was brown and freaking awesome.
Asked my mum if I could dye my hair, and didn't expect that she'd agree to it!
So she went to buy red dye (which i was really unsure about initially), and she helped me to dyeeee :D
Now my hair is brownnnn :) At least it isn't that obvious I guess? 
Hahahaha I'm excited for Japan oh god.

Have a break, have a kit kat! :) Dark chocolateee. Still prefer the normal ones.
Oh, and to Xinyi and Ahlian, have a safe trip! いってらしゃい!
To cruise and malaysia :D
Okay, pretty long post, no?
Going to many places tmr, busy busy.
Going to eat at Eatalian Gourmet Garage w mel and jesslynn! :D
Hope they have good food :D
Okay byeeee.

Saturday, December 11, 2010 , 11:18 PM

 I reeeeally cannot resist Nino's collarbone! And currently, this is the wallpaper for my iphone :D
Can't help but stare at my screen :D

And Nino pretty much look cute in any pair of specs 8)
Why you so cuteeeeeeee :D

Today was tiring! Woke up at 2pm w a horrible muscleache.
I had 12 hours of sleep but felt like I could continue sleeping for another 12 hours.
Went to Plaza Sing and Bugis w my mum.
Heehee, we even bought christmas hats to wear in Disneyland hahahahaha :D
Although my mum decided that she's not going to join in the fun w us.
So oh well, my bro and I are going to wear it! Maybe it'll be too embarrassing :B
Had budget but super yummy lunch at bugis! I love the food at bugis :9
I had Indonesian black pepper chicken for $3.20, 4 pieces of juwhee quey(sp?) for $1, and soya bean drink for $0.60. Cheap right! :D 
I realised that my mum's fashion style is towards the sexy/rock side -.-
It's funny how she'd whine about being too old or fat to wear such  clothes.
Hahahaha, and I had Banana milkshake today :D
All in all, happy but tiring. Walking for 6 hours w a muscleache is no joke!

I don't rmb being super high in primary school. Hahahaha.
Okay, maybe I was? I think I've definitely become more and more introvert over the years.
Heh, I shy mahhhh :D
And I was about to start on the whole stack of bio homework when i realised my pen ran out of ink.
How great, more procrastinating.